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Petoskey Emmet County History Binder 4 

Binder 4 Title Page and Index

- Title Page & Index Binder IV


- Zaiger Beverage Company


- Batterbee Ice Company and Merchants Delivery Service

- Book Stop Store and Bus Station, Mitchell St

- Crystal Ice Company

- Fryman's Shoe Store at Howard & Mitchell

- Levinson's Department Store, 325-327 Lake Street

- McDermott Blacksmith Shop, Ingall's Ave

- Meyer Hardware Store, Mitchell St

- Mrs. Mac's Jelly Kitchen, Petoskey Street

- Northern Auto Company, West of Mitchell St. Bridge

- Petoskey House Furnishing Company - Bay View Rd

- Petoskey Iron Works at 315 State Street

- Petoskey Midway

- Piano Bench Factory, Mitchell St. & Woodland Ave

- Stanley Kellogg, Kellogg Studio


- Barnum Brothers Fiber Co. and Pioneer Bait & Tackle

- Bull, Bauerle, Jones Manufacturing

- Curtis Wire Products Company

- Hobbs & Hobbins Industry

- McLaughlin Co. Manufacturing Plant

- Michigan Maple Block Company

- Penn-Dixie Cement Plant, No. 10

- Petoskey Handle Works 1879

Pictures and Post Cards


- Pictures and Post Cards




- Petoskey Golf Course

- Petoskey Municipal Tennis Court

- West Side Tennis Court 1955

- Winter Sports Bobsledding

- Winter Sports Carnival

- Winter Sports Dog Racing

- Winter Sports Ice Skating

- Winter Sports Toboggan Run


This and That


- Emmet County Flag 1940

- Interesting Tidbit Articles

- Petoskey Bicentennial Quilt 1976

- Petoskey Sea Serpent




- Alba Dean Railroad Station Agent

- City of Petoskey MI State Car Ferry

- Grand Rapids & Indiana Railway

- Michigan Northern Railway

- Railway Station Pioneer Park

- Train Accident 1886

- Train Wreck 1929


Water Tower


- Railroad Water Tower

The following information is an on-going project composed and researched by our society. 

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